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2-Def - Str-8 Doin Tha Fool [1997]

2-Def - Str-8 Doin Tha Fool [1997]

Rap, Gangsta / Release On: May 13, 1997
5/5 (1 Reviews) May 29, 2024
2-Def - Str-8 Doin Tha Fool [1997] 2-Def - Str-8 Doin Tha Fool [1997] 2-Def - Str-8 Doin Tha Fool [1997] 2-Def - Str-8 Doin Tha Fool [1997] 2-Def - Str-8 Doin Tha Fool [1997]

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Rap, Gangsta
Posted On
May 29, 2024
Released On
May 13, 1997
2-Def Rap 1997 Gangsta Rap
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394 MB
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2-Def - Str-8 Doin Tha Fool [1997]

Here's an overview:

Str-8 Doin Tha Fool" is a hip-hop album released in 1997 by the group 2-Def, which is composed of two members: 2-Tone and Def-D. The album was released under the label Big Body Entertainment. Known for its West Coast gangsta rap style, the album features gritty beats and lyrics reflecting the street life and experiences of the artists.

Artist: 2-Def 

Title: Str-8 Doin Tha Fool

Release Date: May 13, 1997

Label: Big City Records

Genre: Gangsta Rap, West Coast Rap

Track Listing:

2-Def - [Str-8 Doin Tha Fool #01] Gettin Down 4 Mine (feat. Coop MC & Spook)

2-Def - [Str-8 Doin Tha Fool #02] Intro

2-Def - [Str-8 Doin Tha Fool #03] I'm In That World (feat. Klondike Kat)

2-Def - [Str-8 Doin Tha Fool #04] Creep-N-Slide

2-Def - [Str-8 Doin Tha Fool #05] There's So Many Thangs (feat. D-Playa)

2-Def - [Str-8 Doin Tha Fool #06] Fuck Them Haters (feat. D-Playa)

2-Def - [Str-8 Doin Tha Fool #07] Tha Game

2-Def - [Str-8 Doin Tha Fool #08] Str8 Doin Tha Fool

2-Def - [Str-8 Doin Tha Fool #09] We Party

2-Def - [Str-8 Doin Tha Fool #10] Real N's Don't Luv H's (feat. PSK-13)

2-Def - [Str-8 Doin Tha Fool #11] If U Wanna Piece

2-Def - [Str-8 Doin Tha Fool #12] Can I Get My Freak On

Key Points

Themes: The album focuses on typical gangsta rap themes such as street life, hustling, loyalty, and survival.

Production Style: Features classic West Coast hip hop production with heavy bass lines, funk-influenced beats, and melodic synthesizers.

Lyrical Content: The lyrics often delve into personal stories of life in the streets, maintaining authenticity and grit typical of the genre.


Str-8 Doin Tha Fool" encapsulates the essence of the West Coast gangsta rap scene during the late 90s. While 2-Def may not have achieved mainstream success, this album showcases the underground sound and raw lyrical content that was prevalent in the era. The album serves as a piece of the rich tapestry of 90s West Coast hip hop, reflecting the struggles and experiences of the artist within that context.

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