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Ant Banks - Big Thangs [1997]

Ant Banks - Big Thangs [1997]

Rap, G-Funk / Release On: October 7, 1997
(0 Reviews) May 25, 2024
Ant Banks - Big Thangs [1997] Ant Banks - Big Thangs [1997] Ant Banks - Big Thangs [1997] Ant Banks - Big Thangs [1997] Ant Banks - Big Thangs [1997]

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Rap, G-Funk
Posted On
May 25, 2024
Released On
October 7, 1997
1997 Ant Banks
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480 MB
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Ant Banks - Big Thangs [1997] Rap, G-Funk

May 25, 2024 480 MB

Ant Banks - Big Thangs [1997]

Here's an overview:

Artist: Ant Banks

Album Title: Big Thangs

Release Date: October 7, 1997

Label: Jive Records

Genre: West Coast Hip Hop, G-Funk

Track Listing:

1. Ant Banks – Intro / 2:06

2. Too Short & Ice Cube – Big Thangs / 3:43

3. Chuey Gomez – Coolin In The Luff / 0:40

4. E-40 & Mack 10 – Can't Stop / 4:25

5. King T & Spice 1 – West Riden' / 4:57

6. J-Dubb & WC – Hard Knox / 4:07

7. Ice-T – Gamblin Wit Ice T / 0:56

8. Too Short, 2Pac & MC Breed – 4 Tha Hustlas / 4:52

9. Ant Diddley Dog & Mr. ILL – Time Is Tickin / 4:15

10. Ant Banks & Slink Capone – Cutaluff (Intro By Dr. Dre) / 1:09

11. B-Legit, Mean Green, MC Ant & Baby D – Hoo-Ride Ant Banks / 1:26

12. CJ Mac & K-Dee – Make Money / 4:37

13. J-Dubb & Rappin' 4-Tay – Playa Paraphernalia (Intro By Coolio) / 4:12

14. AllFrumTha I – Fien / 4:08

15. Audrian – You Want Me Back / 3:54

16. Ant Banks – Outro / 0:29


Ant Banks, born Anthony Banks, is a renowned West Coast rapper and producer, often associated with the Oakland rap scene. Known for his G-Funk production style and collaborations with prominent artists like Too Short, E-40, and Spice 1, Banks has made significant contributions to West Coast hip hop. *Big Thangs* is his third studio album, following *The Big Badass* (1994) and *Do or Die* (1995).

Album Content:

*Big Thangs* features Ant Banks' signature production style, blending smooth, melodic beats with hard-hitting lyrics. The album includes collaborations with several high-profile West Coast artists, contributing to its authentic and cohesive sound.

Key Tracks:

1. **"Big Thangs"** (feat. Too Short, Ice Cube, and Mack 10) - The title track and lead single, featuring heavyweights of West Coast rap, showcases a hard-hitting beat and memorable verses.

2. **"Sitting on Something Phat"** (feat. 2Pac, Too Short, and MC Breed) - A standout track featuring the legendary 2Pac, adding star power and a timeless quality.

3. **"Money Don't Make a Man"** (feat. Too Short) - A reflective track discussing themes of wealth and character, with a smooth G-Funk beat.

4. **"Ghetto Love"** (feat. Luniz) - A track that blends romance and street life, featuring the Oakland duo Luniz.

5. **"West Riden"** (feat. E-40 and Spice 1) - A gritty track with verses from fellow Bay Area legends E-40 and Spice 1, emphasizing the West Coast lifestyle.


Ant Banks himself handled the production for the album, ensuring a consistent sound throughout. His expertise in crafting G-Funk beats is evident, with tracks that feature deep basslines, melodic synthesizers, and laid-back grooves.


*Big Thangs* received positive reviews for its high-quality production and star-studded collaborations. Critics praised Banks' ability to bring together top-tier talent and create an album that exemplifies the West Coast sound. Fans appreciated the album's blend of hard-hitting tracks and smoother, more reflective songs.


While not achieving the commercial success of some of his peers, Ant Banks' *Big Thangs* is considered a solid entry in the West Coast hip hop canon. The album's collaborations and production quality have cemented its status as a noteworthy project in Banks' discography.


*Big Thangs* is a testament to Ant Banks' skill as a producer and his ability to curate a cohesive album featuring some of the biggest names in West Coast hip hop. The album remains a significant piece of 90s hip hop, showcasing the distinctive sound and cultural influence of the West Coast rap scene.

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