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Mr. 3-2 - Wicked Buddah Baby [1996]

Mr. 3-2 - Wicked Buddah Baby [1996]

Rap / Release On: October 8, 1996
(0 Reviews) May 17, 2024
Mr. 3-2 - Wicked Buddah Baby [1996] Mr. 3-2 - Wicked Buddah Baby [1996] Mr. 3-2 - Wicked Buddah Baby [1996] Mr. 3-2 - Wicked Buddah Baby [1996] Mr. 3-2 - Wicked Buddah Baby [1996] Mr. 3-2 - Wicked Buddah Baby [1996]

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Posted On
May 17, 2024
Released On
October 8, 1996
Rap Mr. 3-2 1996 Gangsta Rap
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108 MB
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Mr. 3-2 - Wicked Buddah Baby [1996]

Here's an overview:
Artist: Mr. 3-2
Album Title: Wicked Buddah Baby
Release Date: October 8, 1996
Label: Rap-A-Lot Records
Genre: Southern, Gangsta Rap

Track Listing:
1. "Intro"
2. "The Wicked Buddah Baby"
3. "Smokin' and Leanin'"
4. "Coming Down" (feat. UGK)
5. "Ghetto Style"
6. "Why"
7. "Dirty Game"
8. "One of Those Days"
9. "One Night Stand"
10. "Murder 4 Hire"
11. "Cold Blooded"
12. "Heaven or Hell"
13. "When the Smoke Clears"

Mr. 3-2, born Christopher Barriere, is a rapper from Houston, Texas, known for his deep voice and versatile rap style. Before releasing his solo debut album *Wicked Buddah Baby*, he was a member of several influential groups, including Convicts, Blac Monks, and Southside Playaz. *Wicked Buddah Baby* is his debut solo album, released under the renowned Rap-A-Lot Records, a label instrumental in popularizing Southern hip hop.

Album Content:
*Wicked Buddah Baby* is a quintessential Southern hip hop album, characterized by its gritty lyrics, laid-back beats, and a distinct Houston flavor. The album blends gangsta rap themes with smooth production, showcasing Mr. 3-2's ability to navigate both hardcore and more melodic styles.
Key Tracks:
1. **"Intro"** - Sets the mood for the album with a dark, atmospheric beat and Mr. 3-2's commanding presence.
2. **"The Wicked Buddah Baby"** - The title track features a smooth, bass-heavy beat and lyrics that highlight Mr. 3-2's street credibility and rap skills.
3. **"Smokin' and Leanin'"** - A laid-back track that exemplifies the Southern hip hop lifestyle, focusing on the pleasures of smoking and relaxing.
4. **"Comin' Down"** (feat. UGK) - A collaboration with the legendary UGK, this track stands out for its catchy hook and smooth production.
5. **"Dirty Game"** - A gritty narrative about the harsh realities of street life, with a hard-hitting beat and reflective lyrics.
6. **"One of Those Days"** - A track that explores the ups and downs of life, combining a soulful beat with introspective lyrics.

The production on *Wicked Buddah Baby* is handled by several key figures in the Southern hip hop scene, including Mike Dean, N.O. Joe, and Mr. Lee. The beats are characterized by their heavy basslines, melodic synths, and smooth grooves, providing a perfect backdrop for Mr. 3-2's deep, gravelly voice.
*Wicked Buddah Baby* received positive reviews from critics and fans, who appreciated its authentic portrayal of Southern street life and Mr. 3-2's distinctive voice and delivery. The album helped cement Mr. 3-2's reputation as a key player in the Houston rap scene and showcased the strengths of Rap-A-Lot Records as a powerhouse for Southern hip hop.
While *Wicked Buddah Baby* did not achieve mainstream commercial success, it remains an important release in the Southern hip hop canon. The album's authentic sound and Mr. 3-2's compelling performance have earned it a lasting place in the hearts of Southern hip hop enthusiasts. Tracks like "Comin' Down" have become underground classics, illustrating the album's enduring influence.
*Wicked Buddah Baby* by Mr. 3-2 is a significant entry in the Southern hip hop genre, reflecting the vibrant and gritty reality of Houston's rap scene in the mid-90s. With its smooth production, authentic lyrics, and standout collaborations, the album showcases Mr. 3-2's talent and remains a respected work among fans of Southern hip hop. Despite not achieving major commercial success, its impact on the genre is undeniable, making it a classic in the Rap-A-Lot Records catalog.

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